Residential Sales

The Wolf ferociously represents buyers and sellers for residential sales all over NYC. He has closed thousands of deals on the listing side, and focuses on marketing the properties to both domestic and foreign buyers, having the best pictures and videos distributed on all of the major websites, and being immediately available for both the seller or any buyer/broker at all times.

He believes that being straightforward about pricing, respectful to all parties, casting a wide net, and his personal charm/fear of getting eaten have been the main qualities that allow him to get a higher price for his clients than anyone else. On the buy side, The Wolf concentrates on knowing exactly what the buyer needs, finding it for them either through his off-market connections or searching through the various on-market portals, setting his client up with the best mortgage bankers and real estate attorneys, and negotiating the contract from a strong stance, again using his personal charm/fear of getting eaten to get his client the best deal possible. His voracious representation has earned him eight stars on Yelp!

To have the Wolf give you a complimentary property assessment, or to have him represent you as your buyer's broker free of charge, email his servant at or call/text 706-255-5657.

Wolf’s Buying Guide in NYC

For a brief description of the NYC Buying Process in NYC, courtesy of The Wolf, please see below.