(The Bronx)

The Wolf has been part of, and supported, charitable causes his entire life. From fighting with the dictator's soldiers in Egypt, to raising money with Matt Damon for water in Africa, to marching for women's rights, it has always been a large part of his existence. He met his servant, Nathan Horne, while Nathan was in law school creating an animal rights journal.

Causes the Wolf Supports

Thinking this was a worthy endeavor, he contributed and corrected all of Nathan's terrible grammar, eventually introducing him to other causes and bringing him up to Williamsburg. Currently, they are working on a prison reform project, teaching urban children how to debate, fighting the anti-immigration laws, and campaigning on behalf of the environment, among other things. As NYC's predominant real estate broker, The Wolf works with non-profit developers in order to secure grants and find them land to build properties for those in need. He donates a significant portion of his commission to charity on such deals.

To get help finding the perfect land for development, or to inquire about the causes that The Wolf supports, email his servant at or call/text 706-255-5657.