The Wolf's main skill is in sniffing out off-market opportunities for his buyers and developers. He roams the streets at night, smelling the neighborhoods, and looking for signs of a possible future development site, value-add, or strong cap rate investment. His knowledge of architecture, NYC laws, zoning, and finance make him a keen addition in the off-market world and he has collected hundreds of opportunities on both the buy and sell side.

Below are some general examples of assets that recently came across his desk, but rather than listing them all here and risk breaking the internet, the Wolf requests you email his servant at or call/text 706-255-5657 and specify what you are looking to buy or are looking for buyers for. Please simply include what you are in search of (ISO) and he will get back to you and set up a call e.g. “ISO Off-Market Dev Sites in prime LIC at under $250/BSF.”

The Wolf's Off-Markets

E. Williamsburg. 69X100 lot. R6A zoning. IH so 2.7 as of right. 18,630 SF buildable.
Very close to J, M, and G trains and under 20 min to Manhattan. Play is to make smaller condos and have a quick sellout.
Would go for $6M or maybe a bit less but offer refused at $5.1M.

Mott Haven mixed-use with existing 7% cap rate.
Two-family over a store. 25X100. 6500 SF. Zoned M 1-2 (looks like R6B really but it’s in a special district).

Northport Shopping Center.
Rent roll available but full bio to tour.
$880k NOI. $12.6M.

East Village. 22k SF, 47 one-br units, 43 of which are FM.
A few are vacant/super-occupied but most should rent at $90/SF.
Would sell for $20.5M.

Kip’s Bay. 55k BSF with air rights from fifth lot.
Asking $34M but owner would go for less with good terms.
At $30M it would be a little under $545/BSF so still a little pricey.

N. Bronx.
Ideal for non-profits.
About $45k buildable for $3.95M. $88/BSF.

Six 4-families in Ridgewood around the Seneca M. Package deal.
Average of about 5350 SF per house. Only about a 3.2% cap rate right now but significant value-add that should put it over 8% after renovations in an appreciating area.

Murray Hill.
Nearly completed building intended to be hotel but money ran out and partners arguing. 121k SF. Zoning and design allows hotel, condo sellout, or rentals around $60/SF.
$120M. Need time to reposition but excellent potential.

UWS two-family.
Newly renovated. Coming to market next week but would prefer an off-market cash deal. 4166 SF. Full interior pics and floorplans available.
Asking $6M

Long Island City Development Site.
200k+ buildable.
$38M. 115X100.

Two stores and two apartments. $7500 predicted NOI.
Asking $1.1M.