Foreign Investments

The Wolf has traveled far and wide, from giving presentations about investment in China, to raising capital in the Middle East, to helping the poor in India, he considers traveling and learning new things one of the great blessings in his life. Through travel he has picked up Mandarin, Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, Japanese, and German, and he has a translator on call for all other languages. He has represented clients from all seven continents (he has a penguin friend in Antarctica who bought a beautiful condo in Hudson Yards), and is always happy to work with a foreign investor.

He knows that NYC offers one of the most stable and lucrative investment environments in the world and his staff of attorneys are very knowledgeable about how to get money into the US, as well as assisting with a 1031 Exchange.

For questions about hotels, foreign investment, high yield opportunities, or 1031 Exchanges, please email his servant at or call/text 706-255-5657.